Site Optimization & Performance

This is the processes designed by which we recommend components such as adding relevant keywords and phrases on the website, editing meta tags, image tags, and optimizing other components of your website to ensure that it is accessible to a search engine and improve the overall chances that the website will be indexed by search engines.

Website Guidelines & Governance

We will roll out strategies for you to include; online marketing, budgeting, customer service, social media, web content and many other components by which a clear road map is set to drive and manage a successful online presence.

Customer Segmentation Targeting

Recognizing one’s target market is not as easily achieved, however, recognized and identified various market segment may be the solution.

We will assist you with dividing your market into distinct groups

*Geographical ( State, City, Region, Climate)

*Demographic (Gender, Family Size, Age, Income, etc.)

*Psychographics (Life Style, Social Status)

*Behavioral (Occasions, Loyalty Status, Readiness Stage)

Content Marketing

Tell a story, don’t sell products.

Our strategy is to help you educate and entertain your audience and visitors, either by text, image or video. Either way we will provide guidance by which you will introduce your brand, products and value you bring to consumers.